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Joey Yap's Feng Shui Mastery 1:
Empowering Your Home
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Harness the Power of the Environment

This is no magic. There are no potions, spells or chants involved. This is an actual study of Chinese Metaphysics, a respectable environmental science practiced since ancient China.

Classical Feng Shui has revealed that the natural energy in our living environment known as Qi can affect the quality of a person's life. When you know how to tap into the positive Qi of your environment, you can maximize its benefits to your advantage in life.

Find harmony with the natural energy of Qi in your living environment and make the most of the opportunities that awaits you in life to bring you good health, wealth, prosperity and happiness. You'd be surprised how a few simple tweaks around your home can make a huge impact.

Let Joey Yap teach you these time-tested techniques of Classical Feng Shui to help you embrace total success in life!

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Presenting The First-ever Homestudy Course That Makes This Transition As Easy As 1-2-3!

Success in life in these turbulent times is not an easy affair.

People are losing jobs.

Incomes are falling.

Illnesses and miseries are on the rise.

Property prices are getting unstable.

Relationships are breaking down.

Children are not performing up to expectations.

Stress, strain and anxiety are rising like never before.

Success, these days, is not always the result of hard work, exacting plans or driving ambitions.

As a matter of fact, success in today's world needs some other driving forces.

What Drives Success Today?

For over 2000 years, the exponents of Chinese Metaphysics have been propagating one cardinal truth about attaining success in life, breaking all barriers.

This is what they have been describing as living in sync with Nature.

The entire world is all abuzz with this groundbreaking concept - when we live in harmony with the positive energies of Nature, a sense of well-being, good health, fulfilling relationships, and material abundance is bound to spring forth easily and effortlessly.

These streams of positive energies are in circulation everywhere, even inside your home.

Science has since established how powerful these energies are.

If you can tap into their tremendous potential, your life will be made.

Now, the serious question is:

Can something be done to make the positive, life-building energies flow more around you than the negative, life-shattering energies?

Well, the good news is, there actually is a fantastic solution from the exponents of Chinese Metaphysics, which has already gained overwhelming acceptance all over the world:

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a proven environmental science built around the concept of circulation of positive, life-enhancing energies in the environment.

It is a tool for individuals to grow and prosper by being in harmony with the environment.

Many people think that Feng Shui is some arrangement of manmade ornaments, coins, trinkets and likes in homes, offices, business places, etc. to bring in good luck. Feng Shui is not (just) about getting rich. And Feng Shui certainly has nothing to do with your hairstyle, your sense of fashion, your home decorations or the number of goldfish you have bobbing about in your aquarium.

When someone mentions Feng Shui to you, you probably see a vision of bamboo flutes and wind chimes, think of Ba Gua mirrors or perhaps recall something about lucky frogs. The reputation of Feng Shui as a respected science and art has taken a beating over the last few years. Some people consider it superstition, others consider it old wives' tales and with the number of luck-enhancing items and fortune trinkets on the market, more and more people probably think of Feng Shui as psychobabble at best, nonsense at worse.

But the truth is not so.

Allow us to explain Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is an ancient, respectable science that studies how Qi (cosmic energies) can be harnessed to benefit our internal and external environments. It forms the epicenter around which the study of Chinese Metaphysics revolves.

The Chinese categorized their study of Metaphysics into five distinct classes, known as the Chinese Five Arts (Wu Shu). Feng Shui falls under the banner of Physiognomy, the science of observing and understanding the living environment and through applying formulas and calculations to the living environment, to assess the potential and possible outcomes for a person living in a particular property.

Classical Feng Shui began life as Kan Yu about 1500 years ago and was used primarily for burials sites. Today, this field of practice is known as Yin Feng Shui. Only towards the end of the Qing Dynasty did the term "Feng Shui" become more commonplace. Like many of the Chinese Metaphysical sciences, Classical Feng Shui is a field of study that was well-documented and there are numerous texts on Classical Feng Shui theories and techniques.

Classical Feng Shui's most obvious distinguishing feature is that all the schools are premised upon four primary aspects - Residents, Time, Building and Environment. They do not have references to items or products but focus solely on the use of DIRECTION and LOCATION with reference to the four factors above. The techniques, methods and formulas of Classical Feng Shui have evolved over the millennia, but this science's aim has always remained the same: To help us improve our quality of life.

Applied correctly, Feng Shui has withstood the test of time in that it has been proven effective in allowing human beings to attain a state of harmony and compatibility at the workplace and at home. And when this is achieved, people tend to be more productive and enjoy better physical and mental health - which will ultimately translate into the ability to live life to the fullest!

As Feng Shui is also a study of Qi (with Qi being cyclical by nature), we are able to utilize Feng Shui to make the most of the opportunities that await us in life, as well as surmount any challenges that present themselves along the way.

At the end of the day, if we study and apply Feng Shui - and Chinese Metaphysics, in general - we would be able to make informed decisions in life!



I was totally blown away by Joey Yap's generosity. I was very impressed especially when I compare the teacher to all of the others I have taken courses from. I think I would enjoy learning from Joey Yap and now need to save to attend more classes!

May Hinazumi, U.S.A.

With Joey's unique teaching style and his through knowledge on the subject, he made the subject very interesting and easy to understand. I thoroughly enjoyed and gained a lot of knowledge. It is amazing how the Bazi is so accurate about you, your character and talents.

Aruna ravithasan, United Kingdom

Thanks heaven for getting me the opportunity for listen to you. It is amazing, how you can get so much information in such short time. I'll need years for learning and understanding what you gave us. Thank you very much.

Daniela Gerono, Germany

This course is highly recommended as a supplement to BaZi courses. A fun, informative and useful session is guaranteed.

Sarah Ho Sook Ming , Hong Kong

Again - Outstanding! This proves that one needs to keep repeating. A wealth of knowledge even though it is a repeat class. Well done - Joey is phenomenal!! Many Thanks.

Diane Grobler, South Africa

Fast paced, packed with a lot of information...Great to have more tools now to improve the speed and accuracy of my readings. Thank you.

Inge Katrina Heding, Australia

It's a great course. It opened my mind towards Chinese Metaphysics studies. Joey's approach is friendly and fun.

Mulyono Tjahyono, Indonesia

Overwhelming information: Thank You!

Georg Schmidt, Austria

Fascinating and lots of detail!

Lim Keng Hock, Malaysia

It's an extensive course with a lot of new information to digest and a lot of charts to practice. It is very good and helps to read charts better.

Yoshiko Sinaga, Singapore


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What Is Success?

Success in life is nothing but continued expansion of satisfaction. All of us have goals in life. Success is progressive realization of such goals. Success includes good health, energy and enthusiasm for life, fulfilling relationships, material abundance, and a tremendous sense of well-being.

How Joey Yap Helps?

Joey Yap's Feng Shui propels you towards attaining this kind of success. He reveals the secrets, in his Online Homestudy course, how to leverage the positive energies in the environment to enhance your life and supercharge your happiness, health, wealth and prosperity.

Imagine, with a few tweaks here and there inside your home, a few directional aspects to follow, a few dos and don'ts by learning Feng Shui, you could truly make a huge difference to your life.

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