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Turn Your Home Into A Powerhouse of Happiness, Health, Wealth & Prosperity
Joey Yap's Feng Shui Mastery 1:
Empowering Your Home
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Harness the Power of the Environment

This is no magic. There are no potions, spells or chants involved. This is an actual study of Chinese Metaphysics, a respectable environmental science practiced since ancient China.

Classical Feng Shui has revealed that the natural energy in our living environment known as Qi can affect the quality of a person's life. When you know how to tap into the positive Qi of your environment, you can maximize its benefits to your advantage in life.

Find harmony with the natural energy of Qi in your living environment and make the most of the opportunities that awaits you in life to bring you good health, wealth, prosperity and happiness. You'd be surprised how a few simple tweaks around your home can make a huge impact.

Let Joey Yap teach you these time-tested techniques of Classical Feng Shui to help you embrace total success in life!

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How You Can Empower Your Homes To Bring Good Luck, Prosperity, Health And Happiness!

Your home - your very own home is the starting point of all your happiness and sorrows.

A home is not just a four-walled structure where we put ourselves in. It has a living self. It resonates with your presence. It's happy when you're happy, sad when you're sad.

But what most people don't realize is that homes need to be arranged in special ways to make it truly life enhancing for you.

Joey wants to make your home the perfect launching pad for you.

He calls this the technique of "empowering" homes.

Setting the home in order, so as to make it just perfect for your happiness, career, success, good health, abundance and prosperity, is something that starts well before you've actually selected the property.

It would be a good idea to audit a property you wish to purchase, to find out what its Feng Shui has in store for you - before you officially make the purchase!

Using Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui, it is very easy to assess the quality of Qi (energies) affecting that property throughout a period of time that could bring about certain outcomes for the residents.

Armed with prior knowledge from what the house's Feng Shui has in store for you, especially in factors like career, health, harmony, academic achievements, you can make informed decisions of whether or not to purchase the property. You need to find if this new property is to be conducive for you and your family's goals in the future.

Some houses have good Feng Shui and are thus recommended to purchase. Some houses on the other hand do not have ideal Feng Shui and could cost quite a sum to remedy. All Feng Shui, be it good or bad, have a time span.

Wouldn't it be nice to have this information upfront before making your investment for the property?

Undeniably, the ideal point for a Feng Shui assessment for a property is BEFORE it is built. If you are thinking of constructing a new home, new building or new estate, it would be ideal to incorporate Feng Shui from its initial stage. This could be an important investment you could make before building.

This will help you make informed decisions regarding the positioning of important factors like the main door, kitchen, master bedroom and other important areas along with deciding the proper move-in time.

When homes are audited, selected and empowered in this way, your life changes too.

It's not at all difficult, particularly when you learn the techniques from Joey's Homestudy course.

Here are 10 ways to improve your life by empowering your home using Joey Yap's Homestudy Course, Feng Shui: Empowering Your Home:


Shape Your Career Moves

Learn how to arrange your home so that the flow of positive energies is maximized within the four walls. Know which direction to face when taking an important conference. Discover which part of your room you should avoid when preparing for your job interview.


Maximize Your Wealth Potential

Is your income matching your potential? Most people will say in the negative. Then what could be your stumbling blocks? Find out from this course where your home has a role to play to leave your dreams unfulfilled and how can change things for the better using Feng Shui.


Revitalize Your Relationships

After years you have been together with your loved ones, you realized that it starts to lack of sparks in it. Why? Every new relationship you want to start breaks up very soon. Why? The reason could be hiding in your home beyond your knowledge. Worry not, in this course you will learn how to revitalize you relationship with your loved ones in no time by fine tuning your home with the age-old and proven techniques of Feng Shui.


Mandate to Vital Health

Are you in the best of health and spirits? Or do illnesses afflict your life too often? Do you really enjoy life the way you should be doing? Or are miseries, stress, strain, anxiety always after you? The answer to all these could be traced to your home. Is it properly arranged? Everything has a luck cycle. Same goes to health too. Detect and find out the remedies for great health in this course.


Grow Your Business to Achieve Peak Performance

Are you getting enough of returns from your business? Are you investments stagnating? What about your expectations? Fulfilled, cut short, vanquished? Your home holds the key. The spatial arrangements may not be in your favor. Get things right this time. In this course, you will learn how you could create more opportunities to grow you business whether for short and long term.


Maximize Your PR Portfolio

Do you know that you could increase your likeability through your home space? You could have more following. You could have easy acceptability. You could find it easy to convince people faster than it is now. In this course, learn how you could get your PR running well that will help you to reach out to more people, influence them, win their trust and archive your goals.


Accelerate Your Financial Returns

Investments are no easy things. However, you need not always have to be a pro to reap rich returns. Even ordinary people could make huge returns if they have the positive energies backing them up. Learn how to make long term investment that can bring you positive returns through this course. Get the opportunity to see profitable investment in your area with the right tools applied.


Take Your IQ to the Next Level

Many people do not find them smart enough all the time. Sometimes they behave in completely silly fashions, which they regret later. They could not even figure out what went wrong that prompted them to behave in such rather unusual way. Have you ever felt like this in your life? Well, the reason could be hiding in your room, beyond your knowledge. But now you can take control of this. Learn the tools and sectors to use that can take you IQ to the next level through this course. When you are smarter, everything will come your way.


Sustain a Harmony Home

There will always be times when your family experience dispute and arguments. You would not even expect, but suddenly you could find yourself in the midst of lot of heat and fury. Everything can start getting out of hand. Now is there a solution to such unanticipated disharmony in home? Yes, there is. Learn how you could avoid all these from your family and how you can create a harmonious home.


Become an Influential Achievers

Influence is a very important for anyone to archive success. Influence makes you acceptable, understandable and reliable. Influence can help you break barriers and win over enemies. Influence, truly is the real short cut to success. Your home could help you become an influential achiever. Learn from this course, how you could be more influential whether in your home or workplace.

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Little changes can make remarkable differences in life.

Simply by tweaking a little aspect of your home, your personality, your lifestyle, you can instantly jumpstart the quality of your social and economic life.

There are positive energies and negative energies in circulation inside your home. They are changing positions. You have to know where they are located. You cannot take chances with your life by facing the negative energies. Joey tells you how to negotiate them and turn them to your favor. Joey tells you how to avoid risk, the essential dos and don'ts, time-tested tricks to beat your opponents, and embrace total success in life.

So Joey Yap's ONLINE HOMESTUDY COURSE, Feng Shui: Empowering Your Home is something that you seriously deserve.

It has the secrets to attaining your dream life.

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